This is who we are

A vision for Black lives and People of Color.

Our vision is for a future in Minneapolis where there is no form of injustice or disparities between the white communities and the people of color. We are driven by the belief that all our multicultural struggles for justice are deeply connected and we are rising together to build and better Minneapolis and a better world at large.

Our mission is to create network of multicultural groups imagining and building a future where people, communities and races coexist without injustice or disparities. Together we are creating deep change in the community through Love and peaceful intentions.

I’m very grateful to be working to benefit the youth & then the people as a whole.

Tezzaree El-Amin Champion, the Executive Director of Encouraging Leaders is an active member of the community and has provided consulting to many organizations throughout the years. He utilizes modern strategies to bring awareness to issues like homelessness, substance abuse, mental health, just to name a few.

Being born in Minneapolis, I just want to be a leader to my community and to get to be someone the younger and older generations can both admire and respect.

Tay (boy) - I'm extremely passionate about the community, but I’m even more passionate about the youth. My overall vision is to implement a way where communities will no longer struggle!

Nay (girl) - I am the president of an LLC called Minnesota Blessings which helps communities with resources, support, guidance, etc. I specialize in financial literacy and my goal is to share my knowledge.

I like spending time with family & outside. I love helping and uplifting others, I believe everything start with the youth so if we encourage and support them, we can change so much in our community.

Cynthia Elmore - Administration Has an A.S. in Human Services

My name is Nikayla, I like to go by Kayla. I love giving and caring for others. I am the girlfriend of an activist who pushed me to see anything is possible if you believe and set your mind to it.

C'monie Scott - I am the spokeswoman, lead activist, and front line ally for social injustices.

Kyndall Johnson, born and raised in North Minneapolis has been an active member in the community all of his life through youth sports programs, community event organization, and outreach.

I am Makenzy Williams! From a young age my father instilled in me to not only stand for what’s right but to do whatever I can to make a difference! Ever since my dad’s passing, I feel like it is my duty to walk in his footsteps and pursue his dreams! I’m here to do exactly that!